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Welcome to UCU at UeL

This is the blog site is for the UCU branches at the University of East London. The site is maintained by the Docklands branch but members of the Stratford branch are also welcome to use it.

For more information click the links below

If you want to leave a comment on an article then click on the article heading which will take you to another page. Scroll down to the end of the article and you will find a comment form which you can submit. You will need to add your email address. The comment will not appear imediately but will be verified by the website editor. This verification is simply to ensure that the comment does not contain any offensive language or a spam link.

If you are branch committee member or branch officer then you can post articles to the home page. To do this you will need a user id. Please contact the uel ucu web team to be given a user id. If you wish to leave a comment on an item of news of the news page or to leave details about a campaign then send your news or campaign item as a word or html file to the uel ucu web team.

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