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November, 2011:

UCU Guidance for Strike and Picketing



It is very important that we have a strong visible presence on November 30 please don’t stay at home – come along and support your union and show your anger at the attack on our pensions and the government failure to negotiate. (more…)

Cathy Newman on the improved pension offer

Cathy Newman from C4 News debunking Danny Alexander’s claim that the new pensions offer would mean lower and middle earners receiving higher pensions

New guides available

New guides are available on this site via the HELP page and cover

  • Taking out a grievance
  • Taking out a grievance for increased workload over 1548
  • Using this site

Portfolio Model – UCU Advice to Members

     Your workload for 2011-12 should already have been agreed using AWAM and attempts to increase workload over the maximum allowed should be resisted forcefully. If you have not already agreed your workload you are advised to do so using the AWAM: UCU support is available to help with this. UCU recommends that you should not engage with the Portfolio model. Read on to see details of UCU help and Grievance forms (more…)



I am writing to ask you to take strike action on 30 November, 2011 in support of your union.

We are now, at last, engaged in detailed discussions on the future of the Teachers Pension Scheme (TPS) and now have talks on the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS). But in neither case has sufficient progress been made to enable us to call off the proposed strike action.

Notification of Strike Action


Members are under no obligation to inform management in advance as to whether they will be taking part in strike action or action short of a strike. (more…)

UeL @ UCU is now a Single Branch

Following a good return 98% votes in favour of a single branch.  (more…)

Strike 30th November National action to defend our Pensions

 Pensions under AttackThe 30 November national strike is almost upon us. This is the day when we show the strength of union resolve in defence of pensions.

 At Stratford and Docklands there will be joint union all-staff meetings about the strike: Thursday 24 November 1-2pm in EB.3.16 (Docklands) and CC1.18 in Stratford(more…)

Urgent – Branch Meeting Tues 22/11 EB.G.10 1-2.30pm to discuss Portfolios & Field Leader Issue


We have a serious crisis at UEL for academic staff over two issues which have come to a head in the last couple of weeks: workload allocation and the Field Leader role. More discussion about each of these issues further down this post.  Please do not respond to any request to move to Portfolio Model until this meeting has been held.

We are therefore reminding all members of our Branch Meeting on TUESDAY 22th November in room  between 1-2.30pm in room EB.G.10. PLEASE ATTEND.  On the table will be the resolution below.  UCU officers will explain why this has to be our next step and the resolve we need to demonstrate to management that we have had enough. The position we face is the most serious at UEL since the attempt in 1998 to impose mass redundancies (which, together with the students, we saw off) and we need to hear your views.


Docklands Branch Meeting Tuesday 22nd November EBG.10

The next Docklands branch meeting will be on Tuesday 22nd November 1-2.30pm. Room EBG.10. This meeting is on a tuesday rather than on a wednesday as there is already a joint union meeting scheduled for the afternoon of wednesday 23rd and the national strike is scheduled for the wednesday 30th November.

The next Docklands branch committee meeting will be on the Wednesday 23rd November at 9.30-11.30 am. Room tba

VOTE for ONE Branch

The Ballot regarding the UCU Branch Structure here at UEL closes next Friday on the 18th of November. You should have now received you ballot papers from UCU Regional Office (If not, then please ring Caroline Vondy on 0207 7562634 ).

Please exercise your right to vote and post the ballot paper before the deadline.

Privatisation of Universities

Times Higher EducationLast month, Times Higher Education reported on the prediction by Glynne Stanfield, a partner in the education group at law firm Eversheds, that a private equity firm or provider would buy a UK university in whole or in part “within the next six months”. Click to read the whole article

Pensions dispute gives academics work-life balance

  Many lecturers who are ‘working to contract’ over a pensions dispute are finding that they suddenly have time for their families : click here to read the full article

What’s happening at UEL???

Special joint union meeting on stress and bullying: Tuesday 8 November, 12.00-1.00pm, Room EB 1.07, Docklands*

 Jacqui Mitchell writes – When Vice Chancellor Patrick McGhee addressed staff earlier this semester he reported that UEL was in robust good health. Notwithstanding problems over cuts to Higher Education across the country the institution was fighting fit, he said.

 At meetings on both campuses the VC gave a positive account of UEL’s progress. Why then has management returned for a second round of voluntary redundancies? (more…)

Jacqui Mitchell says vote for one branch

Dear colleague

 You should have received your ballot paper from UCU National in relation to the proposal to move to one branch at UEL.  If you have not please contact the Administrator for our Region at UCU National, Caroline Vondy on 0207 7562634. I would like to urge you to return your ballot paper and to vote YES for this proposal.  (more…)

Tim Hall on pensions

Why should someone working in the private sector subsidise the pension of someone working in the public sector? For anyone involved in the campaign to defend their pensions, such a question would not be so difficult to answer if there wasn’t a substantial grain of truth in it. (more…)

Stress and bullying at UEL – meeting Tuesday 8th Nov

On Tuesday, as part of anti-stress and bullying week, unions at UEL are urging staff to take their lunch hour to come and talk and meet with colleagues about stress and bullying at UEL which is reaching worrying levels.  If you are worried about how management is dealing with significantly smaller staff, if you are being bullied into taking on more work than you can deal with please come to the meeting.  It will be between 12.00-1.00 in EB.1.07.  Refreshments will be provided.


UEL Ballot to create a single branch

 UEL Co-ordinating Committee supports a single branch at UEL



Student Protest Wednesday 9th November

There will be a contingent going from UEL.  Assembly in central London is from 12.00.  I will advise of meeting points as soon as I know.  If you want to come but wish to meet in central London email and will let you know a meeting point or give a mobile phone number for contact on the day.

Jacqui – UCU (Docklands) Branch Secretary

UeL UCU Newsletter 3

UeL UCU newsletter number 3 published on October 31st 2011 is available on-line on the news and campaigns page. Click here to go direct to the newsletter