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November 7th, 2011:

What’s happening at UEL???

Special joint union meeting on stress and bullying: Tuesday 8 November, 12.00-1.00pm, Room EB 1.07, Docklands*

 Jacqui Mitchell writes – When Vice Chancellor Patrick McGhee addressed staff earlier this semester he reported that UEL was in robust good health. Notwithstanding problems over cuts to Higher Education across the country the institution was fighting fit, he said.

 At meetings on both campuses the VC gave a positive account of UEL’s progress. Why then has management returned for a second round of voluntary redundancies? (more…)

Jacqui Mitchell says vote for one branch

Dear colleague

 You should have received your ballot paper from UCU National in relation to the proposal to move to one branch at UEL.  If you have not please contact the Administrator for our Region at UCU National, Caroline Vondy on 0207 7562634. I would like to urge you to return your ballot paper and to vote YES for this proposal.  (more…)

Tim Hall on pensions

Why should someone working in the private sector subsidise the pension of someone working in the public sector? For anyone involved in the campaign to defend their pensions, such a question would not be so difficult to answer if there wasn’t a substantial grain of truth in it. (more…)