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November 20th, 2011:

Urgent – Branch Meeting Tues 22/11 EB.G.10 1-2.30pm to discuss Portfolios & Field Leader Issue


We have a serious crisis at UEL for academic staff over two issues which have come to a head in the last couple of weeks: workload allocation and the Field Leader role. More discussion about each of these issues further down this post.  Please do not respond to any request to move to Portfolio Model until this meeting has been held.

We are therefore reminding all members of our Branch Meeting on TUESDAY 22th November in room  between 1-2.30pm in room EB.G.10. PLEASE ATTEND.  On the table will be the resolution below.  UCU officers will explain why this has to be our next step and the resolve we need to demonstrate to management that we have had enough. The position we face is the most serious at UEL since the attempt in 1998 to impose mass redundancies (which, together with the students, we saw off) and we need to hear your views.