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March, 2012:

What do do if asked if you are on strike

You will have seen the, as usual, incorrect message from the Director of HR, Mike Moore, yesterday that says you have to announce if you are taking part in the strike by 23rd March.  This is not the case.  There is no requirement to let your Dean know if you are participating in the strike.  If asked after the event and if addressed personally and asked about your involvement in the dispute you are advised to answer truthfully. A circular email to all staff, which seeks to solicit information about collective industrial action, does not constitute such a question and you are under no obligation to respond. If you ignore the question management will assume that you participated and will anyway withhold a day’s pay.  (more…)

HANDS OFF OUR PENSIONS strike Wednesday 28th March

  The strike will be next Wednesday 28th March 2012 where London UCU will be taking action alongside London NUT and thank you if you have volunteered for picket duty which will be operating from 8-11 at Docklands and Stratford . It is important that ALL UCU members observe the strike and join the picket line. 

We will be then heading to London for the demonstration which assembles outside ULU in Malet Street WC1E 7HY from 11.00 marching to Westminster. Please let Jacqui Mitchell  know what time you would be able to join your colleagues and support our battle over pensions.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the picket line next week.

Next Branch Meeting wed 14th March 2012


YOUR VIEWS are VERY IMPORTANT so please attend if you can.

UCU Response to ALL staff email – ‘UCU matters’ sent 29th February 2012 from Vice Chancellor

 The following article sets out  UCU’s position in relation to the Vice Chancellor’s email to all UeL staff that was sent on 29th Feb 2012. The article is split into three main sections: 1) The use of the Portfolio System; 2) academic staff conditions; and 3) the perceived value of academic staff to Uel.

  The VC says that UCU agreed to a pilot of the portfolio system in 2011/12

UCU says NO

  • We have never agreed to the Portfolio system; it is completely incompatible with a workload allocation system that takes into account the range of responsibilities academic staff fulfil.
  • The Portfolio system was imposed in a number of schools this year. Had UCU not intervened, this system ONLY would have been imposed across the university.
  • Some schools have been advised by their Deans that AWAM is not to be used and some Deans are saying AWAM can be used but then ignore it in reality.
  • There is also mounting evidence that undue pressure is being put on staff to accept workloads set by reference to the Portfolio system only; in some cases this is associated with bullying.
  • Although the VC has misrepresented the UCU position on Portfolios, he has now agreed to negotiate a new workload allocation system with the union. We welcome this development, which has come about as a result of collective union pressure after a year of patiently waiting and management thinking that the Portfolio model could be introduced without proper negotiation and consultation.
  • Providing management honour their promise to establish a working group on workload allocation we should have this situation resolved by the end of the academic year and we assure you that UCU representatives will argue forcefully for a model that reflects the varied nature of our responsibilities.