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October 11th, 2012:

UCU receives support for strike action from MMU

Please convey our solidarity to your members and picket lines. As commercialism takes a hold, there is a heated drive to squeeze more ‘productivity’ out of us. You are right to fight back, but at the same time UCU should be building a national campaign on this issue. The NUT had a very successful workload campaign a few years ago and we should be doing the same.  Perhaps this is an issue we need to take to Conference.We would like to invite you to talk about your campaign at a branch meeting here. (more…)

UCU receives support for strike action from City University

City University UCU Branch send support for your strike on Thursday and wish you every success in your industrial dispute.
In solidarity (more…)

UCU receives support for strike action from London Met

Just to record the support of London Met Co-ordinating Committee and London Region REC (Regional Executive Council) for your strike on October 18th. Will try to make a picket line.

UCU receives support for strike action from UCL

Allow me to convey a message of support on behalf of the UCU branch at UCL over your struggle over workloads. (more…)

UCU receives support for strike action from Queen Mary College

Sending you all the best to you and UEL colleagues for next week and in winning your dispute, from Queen Mary UCU.
In solidarity, (more…)

UCU Serves Notice of Strike Action at UEL

UCU were forced into calling strike action to defend staff working conditions at UEL after the UEL management team failed to agree to UCU’s justifiable amendments to the UEL workload document. UCU’s position is that 1) the notional 1548 hours that members are required to work should not be increased to 1650; 2) changes to working conditions outside of the norm for a member of staff should be mutually agreed by the staff member and the line manager; 3) there should be an indication of what elements fit into each category of the new workload load model; 4) a reasonable amount of scholarly activity time must be allocated within the model; and 5) the entire workload document, once agreed, can only be changed with agreement by both parties. The full letter from the Branch chair to members is given below: (more…)