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“I have received over 50 such submissions, from a wide range of staff, predominantly academics but also including some from support staff. They universally express their lack of surprise at the events that have unfolded. They attest to problems of student data quality for internal use over many years and provide many detailed examples of the difficulty of removing students from the record whom they know to have left or who never ever appeared. They generally describe a highly centralised and dictatorial Executive led by the Vice-Chancellor, which was incapable of listening to what was going on in the university, discouraged or ignored criticism and made decisions without consultation.

 This total lack of collegiality is seen as having a dispiriting and demotivating effect on staff. Many staff who wrote to me expressed their strong support for the fundamental aims of LMU and were proud of its achievements, but they universally felt that their full potential and that of LMU were thwarted by this management style.

 It is also worth noting a strongly held view amongst staff and students that student academic potential is not being realised by a laissez-faire attitude to problems of non-completion and a failure to provide much needed extra support for the many students admitted with modest educational backgrounds. Other universities with similar intake profiles have tackled these issues with some success, not accepting that such high non-completion rates are ‘inevitable’. Rather they take the view that especially for such students it is in their interests and that of the institution to put significant and targeted resources into encouraging and supporting them towards a successful outcome.”

Melville, D., 2009, London Metropolitan University: An Independent Review into the circumstances and issues associated with the clawback of significant funds in 2009. Sir David Melville CBE, November 2009

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