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July resits are back without any discussion with UCU.  This is a breach of good industrial relations and a strong message needs to be sent from the Branch. It is clear that July resits do not work from an academic perspective.  Colleagues talk about the difficulties of finding a time to take off over the year especially with marking coming at the end of semesters. 

In addition the changes do not allow you to take much or even any annual leave during the summer as you will be required to deal with resits and resit counselling in July and then clearing in August.  A really serious issue especially if you have a family and have to take your leave during the school holidays. 

We urge all members to INSIST on their full annual leave entitlement this year.  If they insist with July resits then the Branch needs to  consider a motion that says we are going to insist on taking leave during the teaching period and consider not marking over the Christmas and New Year or the Easter period for example and the abandonment of the idea that we can turn work round within  4 weeks. Something has to give somewhere and it shouldn’t be your health!

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