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BRING YOUR LUNCH TO WORK DAY – Tuesday 19th November

Protest against the quality and cost of the food provided by Chartwell’s and their use of Zero-hours contracts.

Staff and students will gather together on the ground floor of the atrium at Docklands and the main foyer of the entrance on Stratford Campus in a protest.  Please bring a packed lunch and a blanket.  We will have a mass lunch together with concerned students between 12.30 and 1.30 in the first part of campaign to demand better quality food and for catering staff to be on proper contracts otherwise this will be the first of regular boycotts and protest.

Please join us and show your unhappiness with Chartwell’s.

Things can only get better………………………………..

This is what was promised when UEL management got rid of a pretty good catering service (that made a modest profit) brought in Chartwell’s who now have a monopoly on catering across the university and who have many staff on Zero-Hours contracts.

Things have NOT got better; they have got considerably worse with poor quality expensive food served in the main canteens despite the best efforts of the hardworking staff.  Portions are too small, queues are too long in all outlets and staff look scared and harassed as they seek to cope with the micromanaging and constant surveillance they are put under. 

Zero-Hour contracts have no place at UEL.  On one hand UEL management talk up their signing up of the living wage but on the other hand they ignore Chartwell’s who offer the worst of all contracts.  Zero-hours contracts mean that catering staff have no job security and many do not have access to sick or holiday pay.  The hours staff work can be changed at any time making budget planning impossible and many with individuals and families struggling to survive.


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