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UEL students write to VC on the new academic framework

UEL Socialist Students recently wrote to the VC expressing concerns at the lack of communication between students and the VCG and asking the VC how he plans on implementing the new academic framework when there is a chronic shortage of staff.  They have not had a response so far. For reference the text of the letter was:

Thank you for your email about the changes to the academic framework,
We welcome that you took time out of your schedule to let students
know things are changing, perhaps for the better – that we will have
to see. As you took the time to let me know about the changes, We feel
it’s only fitting that we let you know about our concern with the
proposed changes.

Changing the academic calender in the manor that you have chosen to do
sounds very interesting, it reminds me of how the University of
Middlesex organises their calender, but I could be wrong. My only
concern about this change is do we have enough staff to provide the
teaching? UEL Socialist Students does not believe that we do.
According to the University College Union, a study conducted in 2012
shows that UEL lecturing staff are the most overworked in the country.
Would it be possible at all to hire more staff? We know there is the
money for it, look at the £1.28 million that you and Patrick wasted in
Cyprus and with the money that was wasted on the Global Examinations
Board. Perhaps if some major adjustments were made to the budget we
could hire more staff?

We are also worried at the lack of communication between yourself and
the students when it comes to course closures. While we really thank
you contacting us about the changes to the academic framework, however
we are very troubled that there was no notice given to students.
Students on the extended degree programme that you appear to have
forgotten about were told they could no longer do Cultural Studies as
a 3 year degree. We were also shocked to find out about the closure of
Media and Creative Industries and Interactive Media Design. Perhaps
getting an email from yourself when closures are to be cut would be
appreciated. If the broken system is to be mended John, students have
to be told what is going on. Let us not forget the lack of
communication over Cyprus and the resignation of Patrick McGhee of
which no one appears to know much about. Perhaps things can change?

If things are to change, it has to be soon. After all, UEL is broken
isn’t it John? Perhaps it can be fixed with some radical and much
needed direction?

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