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Anti Harrasment Campaign

Message from Mariam Irshad, UELSU, regarding an anti harrasment campaign

As you may be aware, I’ve been running an anti harassment campaign titled My Body Not Yours. It’s largely been targeted at students but I’d like open it up to staff a bit more. We have designed a survey to answer three aims:

1) Gather accurate testimonies of experiences at UEL.
2) Allow security to improve safety on campus, based on actual student and staff experiences at UEL.
3) Evaluate attitudes at UEL around harassment.


If instances of harassment are reported, I’d like to develop a hotspot map that will be presented to security to make those areas of campus safer. A report will be constructed as a result of the survey but all data will be anonymised and no contact information of any kind has been requested, so I won’t be able to identify any of the respondents. The survey has been designed so respondents can opt out at any time and none of the questions are compulsory to answer, leaving the respondent in full control of the amount they are comfortable to disclose.

 I will publicise the survey more heavily in the coming week. I’d like to request your help in distributing the survey to any staff and students you are able to. I’m anticipating that the survey will be left open for 3 weeks (so that I’ll have time to write up a report before I leave).

 If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

 Thank you for your help.



 Mariam Irshad

Vice-President HSB&Education


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