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July 10th, 2015:

Advice on the imposed PDR scheme

The trade union side continues to have grave concerns about the scheme. We do not agree that staff performance and potential can be summarised in one overall rating. We are also extremely concerned about the manner in which personal data relating to the PDR process will be stored and circulated and we do not yet feel satisfied that staff will have access to a fair and transparent appeals process.

We are continuing to speak to management about our concerns and we hope that some aspects will be clarified and improved.

However, we are also aware that members have been asked to participate in the scheme and are seeking guidance from their union.

At this stage, we cannot advise members to boycott the scheme.

In this period when we are seeking greater clarity and agreement, we advise members to clarify the following matters with their own line managers in this early phase of the new scheme. It is very important that members relay their experiences of the scheme back to the branch committee in order to help us guide the membership through this early phase.

  1. We advise members not to engage in target setting for PDR until their workload for the following year has been agreed. It would be helpful to engage your line manager in discussion about how work required for PDR will be registered in your workload.
  2. We advise members to ask their line manager how their personal data will be stored, who will have access and under what circumstances and how their area proposes to deal with any sensitive issues involving personal disclosure.
  3. We advise members to ask their line manager how targets will be viewed within their area, including any local understandings of how the achievement of particular targets might be rewarded or assessed.
  4. We advise members to ask their line manager what support will be provided in their area to ensure the meeting of targets, particularly where such targets represent new areas of work.

It is our understanding that individual targets will be agreed between members of staff and their line managers. It is important, therefore, that members seek to clarify the 4 issues above before agreeing their own targets.

In the event that you experience any untoward pressure during the course of your PDR you are strongly advised to contact your union representative as soon as possible.

We have agreed further meetings with management and will keep members informed of progress.