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Pension Scheme Update

Contact your branch officers now: The NEC has decided that Congress will make the next decision about the future of the TPS dispute, including whether to join a strike with PCS in June. Read the report from the NEC meeting here and contact your branch officers to make your views known: 

What do do if asked if you are on strike

You will have seen the, as usual, incorrect message from the Director of HR, Mike Moore, yesterday that says you have to announce if you are taking part in the strike by 23rd March.  This is not the case.  There is no requirement to let your Dean know if you are participating in the strike.  If asked after the event and if addressed personally and asked about your involvement in the dispute you are advised to answer truthfully. A circular email to all staff, which seeks to solicit information about collective industrial action, does not constitute such a question and you are under no obligation to respond. If you ignore the question management will assume that you participated and will anyway withhold a day’s pay.  (more…)

HANDS OFF OUR PENSIONS strike Wednesday 28th March

  The strike will be next Wednesday 28th March 2012 where London UCU will be taking action alongside London NUT and thank you if you have volunteered for picket duty which will be operating from 8-11 at Docklands and Stratford . It is important that ALL UCU members observe the strike and join the picket line. 

We will be then heading to London for the demonstration which assembles outside ULU in Malet Street WC1E 7HY from 11.00 marching to Westminster. Please let Jacqui Mitchell  know what time you would be able to join your colleagues and support our battle over pensions.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the picket line next week.

Pension disputes

Pensions under Attack  The AGM for the new single UeL branch on 1st Feb 2012 passed a resolution confirming the branch support for the continuing action over the pensions dispute. The resolution was passed unanamously.

This Branch endorses the 20 January decision of the UCU NEC, alongside the NUT, PCS, UCAC and Unite, to reject the government's "Heads of Agreement" proposals.

The branch congratulates the UCU and NUT executives for voting to call further nationally coordinated strike action in March (specific date to be agreed) alongside other unions. (more…)

Link to video of Action 30th Nov 2011

Unison have produced a video of the action taken on the 30th November 2011. See the links page to access it

UCU Guidance for Strike and Picketing



It is very important that we have a strong visible presence on November 30 please don’t stay at home – come along and support your union and show your anger at the attack on our pensions and the government failure to negotiate. (more…)



I am writing to ask you to take strike action on 30 November, 2011 in support of your union.

We are now, at last, engaged in detailed discussions on the future of the Teachers Pension Scheme (TPS) and now have talks on the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS). But in neither case has sufficient progress been made to enable us to call off the proposed strike action.

Notification of Strike Action


Members are under no obligation to inform management in advance as to whether they will be taking part in strike action or action short of a strike. (more…)

Strike 30th November National action to defend our Pensions

 Pensions under AttackThe 30 November national strike is almost upon us. This is the day when we show the strength of union resolve in defence of pensions.

 At Stratford and Docklands there will be joint union all-staff meetings about the strike: Thursday 24 November 1-2pm in EB.3.16 (Docklands) and CC1.18 in Stratford(more…)

Pensions dispute gives academics work-life balance

  Many lecturers who are ‘working to contract’ over a pensions dispute are finding that they suddenly have time for their families : click here to read the full article

Tim Hall on pensions

Why should someone working in the private sector subsidise the pension of someone working in the public sector? For anyone involved in the campaign to defend their pensions, such a question would not be so difficult to answer if there wasn’t a substantial grain of truth in it. (more…)