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UCU branch meeting 1.15pm-3pm Wednesday 5th February (Docklands) EB.G.06 .

Please attend the the UCU branch meeting so that your wishes are reflected in the discussions and decisions of the branch as a whole. The agenda items are Pay Dispute; Academic compulsory redundancies; Restructuring of administrative functions and possible redundancies; Voluntary Severance scheme; Student attendance policy

UCU Branch Meetings

The next UCU Branch Meetings will be at:

  • Tuesday 26th November 2013 at Stratford 12-1.30pm in RB.1.17,
  • Wednesday 27th November 2013 at Docklands 12-2.00pm in SD.1.13.

Items on the agenda are

  • module evaluation system
  • workload model update
  • pay claim and proposed strike action on Tuesday 3rd December
  • New Academic Framework
  • Zero Hours Contracts
  • Motion in support of 3 Cosas’ campaign of outsourced workers at the University of London
  • Action short of a strike
  • Performance related pay scheme

Emergency Branch Meetings

There will be an Emergency Branch Meetings at:
Docklands Wednesday 25th September 1.15 – 2.30pm room EB.1.62
Wednesday 2nd October 1.15 – 2.30 pm room UH.0.52


UCU Branch Meeting

  • Docklands: Wednesday 19th May 2013 1pm Room SD.1.13
  • Stratford: Monday 24th June 2013 2pm Room AE.1.01

Agenda:    1) Workload Model; 2)  Pay Claim (more…)

AGM and Branch Meeting TODAY

Docklands – EB.G.06 1.15-2.30.  Light lunch will be provided.

 After from the normal AGM business we will discuss the key issues of workload allocation and the student experience in light of recent poor league table results for UEL.  These are worrying times for UEL and academic staff must act now to stop the decline we are seeing.  We need a clear strategy for the branch and solutions to put to management.   We need to demand answers and actions before it is too late. 

 Please attend to discuss.



UCU Branch Secretary

UCU Branch Meeting

Wednesday 13th March 2013 1.00- 2.30 Room EB.G.06

Please  come to the Branch Meeting this Wednesday?

A major item on the agenda will be discussions regarding the outcome of negotiations with management and their proposed new workload model.  Documents relating to this are attached for your consideration.

A consultative ballot is being arranged for members to indicate their acceptance/rejection of the proposed scheme. Details will be announced shortly. (more…)

JOINT UNIONS at UEL invite you to a meeting to discuss the proposed Performance Review Scheme

  •  Wednesday 20th February (Docklands Room EB.G.06 1.30-2.30)
  • Tuesday 26th February (Stratford Room RB.1.03 1-2pm).

One positive thing from the recent Staff Survey was the, on the whole, continued support for the Staff Development Review (SDR) process at UEL. The Survey also highlights the good working relationships between colleagues.   Leaving aside the continued absence of any response from management to the serious issues raised by staff in this survey it is perverse then that management have decided to introduce a Performance Management Scheme that will be divisive and judge staff collectively when there is not a level playing field at UEL. (more…)

UCU meetings in semester B

UCU General Meeting Wednesday 1st May –  Docklands EBG.06  –  1-3pm

The next Joint Union Meeting  (to discuss Performance Management Scheme) will be at:

  • Wednesday 20th February – Docklands EBG.06 –   1.30-2.30pm
  • Tuesday 26th February – Stratford RB1.03 –   1-2pm

The next UCU Branch Meetings will be at 1pm on:

  • Wednesday 13th March  – Docklands EBG.06 –   1-2.30pm
  • Wednesday 17th April – Stratford RB.1.03   – 1-2.30pm
  • Wednesday 24th April – Docklands-  1.2.30 pm
  • Wednesday 1st May -Docklands-  1-3pm

The next UCU Branch Committee meetings will be at 1.30pm on:

  • Wednesday 6th March – Docklands EB1.39     – 12.30-2.30
  • Wednesday 8th May – Docklands  WB.2.09     – 1.-2.30pm  

The date of the next meeting of the Academic Special Interest Group (ASIG) (UCU and Managment commitee) has still to be confirmed.

Branch Meetings Dates and Agendas

Docklands Campus:  Wednesday 5th December 12-1pm Room EB.1.41; 

Stratford Campus:  Monday 10th December 12-1pm Room RB.2.23

Cass School of Education and Communities 1-2pm in Room RB.2.23

School of Health, Biosciences 2-3pm also in Room RB.2.23 (more…)

Update on Negotiations

Dear Colleagues,

Apologies for the delay in updating you about the dispute and the all-important workload allocation talks. It was hoped that these “intensive” talks would have, by now, produced “final” versions of the documents for consideration by the members. Management have proposed separating the existing documents into three: Policy, Guidelines and an Excel Spreadsheet to act as a record of an individual’s workload. These have not yet been finalised. A full briefing and update will be given at the branch meetings : Docklands Campus:  Wednesday 5th December 12-1pm Room EB.1.41; Stratford Campus:  Monday 10th December 12-1pm Room RB.2.23 (more…)

Branch Meeting 1.30pm Tuesday 22nd May 2012 DL EB.G14

UCU Members should be assured that we will continue talking to management and remain hopeful that negotiations will reach a satisfactory resolution and that industrial action can be avoided. We will keep you informed of any further progress and will report to members at a branch meeting on Tuesday 22 May 2012, 1.30 to 2.30. For the convenience of the majority of members and with the aim of maximising attendance, this meeting will be held at Docklands campus Room EB G14 (more…)

Branch Communication Protocol

At our last branch meeting it was unanimously agreed that we would adopt the  UEL-UCU Branch Communications Protocol as Appendix 2 of our Local Rules.  Under UCU National Rules members of Senior Management Grades are able to join UCU.  This can bring them into a conflict of interest with the membership at times especially in relation to industrial action. For example, at a one meeting four senior staff, who are also members of UCU, were representing Management.  This protocol sets out the types of communication that will go to the whole membership and when communication will be withheld from senior staff.  It also sets out when senior staff should absent themselves from Branch meetings.


Regional Official to attend Stratford Branch Meeting

Greg Barnett, UCU Regional Official for London, will be in attendance and will, with your local negotiators, discuss why there must be a resounding YES vote to force a change in management style towards academic staff at UEL in general.   It is of profound concern to UCU negotiators that so many changes are being made by management without meaningful consultation let alone negotiation.  It is now time for the Branch (you) to defend our working conditions because they  are not going to improve unless you are prepared to defend them.

Branch meeting Wednesday 18th April in Stratford (1.15-2.30 in RB1.14)

The next Branch meeting will be one of the most important meetings in the history of the Branch and we ask ALL members to attend as we will be opening the ballot for Industrial Action next week at UEL over local issues. Agenda items will include:  Industrial Action – including discussion of working conditions and workload allocation. Breaking of negotiated agreements –  Hourly Paid Lecturers Agreement, Professorial Pay Review Scheme, Appeal process; Electronic feedback of coursework and Assessment and Feedback Policy in general (see below);  Student Experience at UEL Symposium – change of date and time. AOB.


UCU Branch Secretary


Next Branch Meeting wed 14th March 2012


YOUR VIEWS are VERY IMPORTANT so please attend if you can.

Pension disputes

Pensions under Attack  The AGM for the new single UeL branch on 1st Feb 2012 passed a resolution confirming the branch support for the continuing action over the pensions dispute. The resolution was passed unanamously.

This Branch endorses the 20 January decision of the UCU NEC, alongside the NUT, PCS, UCAC and Unite, to reject the government's "Heads of Agreement" proposals.

The branch congratulates the UCU and NUT executives for voting to call further nationally coordinated strike action in March (specific date to be agreed) alongside other unions. (more…)

AGM Docklands Wednesday 1st February 1.15-2.30. Room – EB.G.08

UCU Regional Official Greg Barnett in attendance to welcome one Branch and to give advice on key issues of dispute with UEL management.

 Please Attend the AGM. Full details and agenda in the text below:  (more…)

UCU replies to ADI Dean re; the instruction to be on campus for their FTE time

The Acting Branch Secretary, Jacqui Mitchell, has written to all members stating the UCU position over an email instruction sent by the Dean of ADI stating that academic staff must be on campus for their FTE time. The email also gives notice of the UCU AGM on 1st February 2012 and a UCU meeting at Stratford on 8th February 2012.


Urgent – Branch Meeting Tues 22/11 EB.G.10 1-2.30pm to discuss Portfolios & Field Leader Issue


We have a serious crisis at UEL for academic staff over two issues which have come to a head in the last couple of weeks: workload allocation and the Field Leader role. More discussion about each of these issues further down this post.  Please do not respond to any request to move to Portfolio Model until this meeting has been held.

We are therefore reminding all members of our Branch Meeting on TUESDAY 22th November in room  between 1-2.30pm in room EB.G.10. PLEASE ATTEND.  On the table will be the resolution below.  UCU officers will explain why this has to be our next step and the resolve we need to demonstrate to management that we have had enough. The position we face is the most serious at UEL since the attempt in 1998 to impose mass redundancies (which, together with the students, we saw off) and we need to hear your views.


Docklands Branch Meeting Tuesday 22nd November EBG.10

The next Docklands branch meeting will be on Tuesday 22nd November 1-2.30pm. Room EBG.10. This meeting is on a tuesday rather than on a wednesday as there is already a joint union meeting scheduled for the afternoon of wednesday 23rd and the national strike is scheduled for the wednesday 30th November.

The next Docklands branch committee meeting will be on the Wednesday 23rd November at 9.30-11.30 am. Room tba