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Demonstration planned Wed 18th July

Your help is required for the  demonstration planned at Water Lane (Stratford Campus) on Wednesday 18th July between 11.00-12.00 midday. We ask all UCU members to attend this demonstration. UCU negotiators have explored every possibility of resolving the dispute with UeL management particularly over workload allocation but it is clear that the management position is not moving and is unacceptable to UCU members.  The only way left to persuade management of the need to alter the university’s negotiating position is for members to take action. The first part of this action will be a demonstration at Water Lane (Stratford Campus) on Wednesday 18th July and will be between 11.00-12.00 midday.  We ask all UCU members, not on holiday or research leave, to attend this demonstration.  Please bring colleagues, partners, children, and friends. This will be a short, lively event at which we will make our concerns known publicly.  We must send a clear message to management that we are prepared to take further action and this is the start of that campaign.  Senior Officials from UCU will be present at the demonstration to offer support and solidarity to members. Time to fight back.


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