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How to Take out a Grievance

The method of lodging a grievance is to send a completed grievance form to the next most senior manager to the individual that you are taking out a grievance aganst. For an Associate Dean this would be the Dean, for the Dean it would be the Deputy Vice Chancellor. This would be a Stage 2 grievance. To download the Grievance form click  GRIEVANCE FORM. Click here to see the full Grievance Procedure from the uel website at:

The form of words that you use in the form to register the grievance against a manager that has told you to take on a workload above the agreed 1548 hours per year might be:

I am raising a formal grievance against XXXX because he/she has issued me with an unreasonable management instruction. Specifically he/she has told me that I must teach an additional YYYY hours to ZZZZ students which is over and above my agreed workload for the current academic year and in excess of the agreed AWAM maximum workload. My current workload calculated using the AWAM, which is the agreed method within the University for calculating workloads, indicates a current total of GGGG hours for the academic year, which is already in excess of the 1548 full-time level. A resolution to my grievance requires XXXX to withdraw the instruction for the additional teaching and to revert to my existing and agreed workload for the current academic year.

To download a grievance form with these words in click  grievance_form for too high a workload


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