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Anyone who thinks the change in 2010 was merely a rise in fees, and that things have settled down and will now carry on much as usual, simply hasn’t been paying attention. (Stefan Collini ‘Sold out’ in London Review of Books, 24/10/13)



to start a Council for the Defence of British Universities-Campaign for the Public University SE London Group by comparing ‘Greenwich and Goldsmiths in the market’ supported by UCU nationally and Goldsmiths and Greenwich UCU branches + SUs, also inviting S.Bank, QMC, East London, Kent, CCC and SE London FE colleges.


When/ where

6th November at Maritime Greenwich (Queen Anne Building Room165, 2-5pm)

What/ who

Patrick Ainley, Greenwich and co-author The Great Reversal, Education and Employment in a Moribund Economy: Comparing two universities in the market.

Des Freedman, Secretary Goldsmiths’ UCU and co-author The Assault on Universities, A Manifesto for Resistance: Resistance to the assault on the universities.

Greenwich and Goldsmiths SU speakers

UCU speaker – our activities as complementary to UCU’s fight against privatization and redundancies etc.



to agree constitution of Group with a programme of regular meetings alternating between the two unis/ activities amongst ourselves and with others, eg. a programme of outside speakers (eg. Andrew McGettigan, Peter Scott etc). Need to anticipate likely future developments, ie. worst and best case scenarios outlined in PA’s ‘uncertain futures’ above with Departmental and School/Faculty meetings and/or Special Interest Groups, eg. research v. teaching (do these have to be opposed?) and other issues as they arise, eg. MOOCs, ‘the unbundling of the university’, governance, meetings with partner colleges, UNISON, student societies – including overseas students. Publications, seminars, public lectures/ ‘teach outs’ etc. Any other suggestions how best to – as the CDBU say, ‘Stop the Rot’!


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