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Annual General Meeting, Branch Meeting and Workload Workshop Wednesday 3 June Docklands EB1.105

Wednesday 3 June 2015
Docklands Campus EB1105 1.15
1.15-2.00           AGM
Your Union needs you!
UCU can’t resist the current attacks on your rights, and those still to come, without a strong, forceful and representative Committee.
The Committee is still recovering from the redundancies last year which swept away three long-serving Union Committee Officers in their wake.
This year your committee has seen a huge demand for advice and support as well as involvement in protracted negotiations on the Performance Development Review.
To continue to meet the growing demand for advice and to fight back effectively we need you to stand for the Committee in 2015-2016:
Nominations so far: Chair: Dave Hyde; Vice-Chair: Gargi Bhattacharyya; Treasurer/Assistant Secretary: Jon Griffith; Anti-Casualisation Officer: Jill Daniels
Nominations still needed for: Secretary; Membership Secretary; Health and Safety Officer; Equal Opportunities Officer
School reps: Andrew Chanerley, ACE; Ros Carr/Marian Hepburn, ADI; John Chandler, Business and Law; James Beale, HSB; Robert Ahearne, SSS.
Volunteers still needed for: Cass, Psychology and assistants to/job sharers with the reps listed above!
2.00 – 2.30         Branch Meeting: Performance Development Review
Members of UEL’s three recognised unions rejected PDR by a majority of 2 to 1.
The joint unions got rid of many of the worst things in it, but haven’t succeeded in removing the ratings, confidentiality issues, and we still don’t know what the appeal procedure will be.
The meeting will hear a report back from the recent joint union meeting on PDR, and decide our next course of action.
2.30 – 3.30         Workshop: Workload Allocation
This is the time your workloads are agreed for the coming year. Reports are coming in to UCU from all over the University that subject heads are evolving their own interpretations of the workload agreement and increasing workloads.
New staff members are being given excessive workload while on probation.
The workshop will go through the current workload agreement and arm members with informed ammunition to resist subject leaders who pile on the teaching, reduce hours for preparation, external examining, marking and module leading and still expect you to be research active and carry out ‘Civic Engagement’.
UEL management agreed to revisit this scheme to see how it has worked, so we need feedback from you to take this back to them.
Jon Griffith
Branch secretary
On behalf of the
UCU branch committee

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