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Hourly Paid Staff

Linked to workloads is another issue that is surfacing in some schools about HPLs.  Programme Leaders in ADI have been advised that there are to be no HPLs next semester.  Some staff are being asked to teach more or to agree to large group teaching i.e., one staff member with 70-100 students for 3  hours in what is called ‘workshops’.  This wrong on so many levels but is perverse when considered in relation to student experience. It also does not  work for some modules i.e., those that are production based and require access to computers for example.  Of particular concern is that pressure that is being applied to some staff but not to all.  If there is a genuine financial problem then all within a school should come together to discuss a way forward in a spirit of openness and transparency.  This situation is unfair and will result  in inequitable treatment for some staff which we must resist.

There is also the serious issue of the rights of HPL staff.  We have negotiated for those staff in place when the HPL Agreement was signed to move to a Permanent Hourly Paid contract before, after 4 years, applying for a permanent fractional contract.  Therefore HPL staff cannot be singled out for
dismissal as this decision implies; they have the same rights as other permanent members of staff. We must be prepared to fight over this issue as it is a matter of principle and fairness.   Please identify any HPL staff working on your modules and ask them to contact UCU for guidance.



UCU (Docklands) Branch Secretary

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  1. Jill Daniels says:

    Every year we are told no HPL’s and every year the rule seems to be relaxed making work life insecure for all staff forced to work over their AWAM’s as no HPL will apparently be there to fill that work; then strangely an HPL is seen to be working on somebody else’s module; HPL’s don’t know what is happening from one semester to the next. This time it might just happen – meaning HPLs lose all work and the rest working ridiculous hours. If you are an HPL please come forward so we can let you know your rights. You do have employment rights. Jill Daniels – UCU (Docklands) Part Time Representative.

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