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Field Leader role and AWAM

UCU Officers will, of course, make representation about all these issues.  We are meeting on Friday to discuss motions passed at the last Branch meeting about AWAM and changes to the Field Leader role.  The branch wants action on both these issues.  Members will remember that at the end of last year we were almost at the point of declaring a dispute but then sat down with management and produced a joint statement that bound us to better relations
and set out what the issues were and how they were going to be discussed.  Management are dragging their feet in response to discussions and allowing, into this vacuum, all sorts of bad practices especially around AWAM/workloads to occur.  I will repeat again, as I am hearing members say that Field Leaders and Deans are advising staff there is no AWAM, that we HAVE an agreement with management that AWAM is still to be used to allocate your workload and the Portfolio model is NOT a mechanism for allocating workload.  You have to defend your rights and therefore insist on to an AWAM and reject any attempt to determine your workload through Portfolios. All UCU members should have an AWAM and you must make sure that it is up to date.  If you are being asked to work above your AWAM you must call for UCU representation in meetings with Field Leader or Dean.



UCU (Docklands) Branch Secretary

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