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What do do if asked if you are on strike

You will have seen the, as usual, incorrect message from the Director of HR, Mike Moore, yesterday that says you have to announce if you are taking part in the strike by 23rd March.  This is not the case.  There is no requirement to let your Dean know if you are participating in the strike.  If asked after the event and if addressed personally and asked about your involvement in the dispute you are advised to answer truthfully. A circular email to all staff, which seeks to solicit information about collective industrial action, does not constitute such a question and you are under no obligation to respond. If you ignore the question management will assume that you participated and will anyway withhold a day’s pay. 

There are also messages going around from some Deans saying that classes are to be re-scheduled.    You are under no obligation to reschedule classes.  You have withdrawn your labour for one day and will lose that pay.  Therefore there can be no expectation that you should make up this time at a later date. 

 It is important that we show our strength and observe the strike.  We obviously still have to fight over pensions but we also need to make sure that management at UEL, which is becoming increasingly remote and arrogant towards its staff, are left in doubt that we are strong.

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