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February, 2013:

Message from Branch Secretary

A few key announcements and dates for your diary. Performance Review Scheme – meeting to discuss proposed scheme – Tuesday 26th February Stratford Room RB.1.03 1-2pm. (more…)

Verbal Instructions from a Line Manager

 We would like to repeat again advice that any verbal instruction given by a Subject Head/Field Leader or Dean to a staff member should be confirmed back to them by email for the record if you are concerned about what you have been asked to do. This follows Disciplinary Procedures being used in RDBS when staff members were following verbal instructions. (more…)

JOINT UNIONS at UEL invite you to a meeting to discuss the proposed Performance Review Scheme

  •  Wednesday 20th February (Docklands Room EB.G.06 1.30-2.30)
  • Tuesday 26th February (Stratford Room RB.1.03 1-2pm).

One positive thing from the recent Staff Survey was the, on the whole, continued support for the Staff Development Review (SDR) process at UEL. The Survey also highlights the good working relationships between colleagues.   Leaving aside the continued absence of any response from management to the serious issues raised by staff in this survey it is perverse then that management have decided to introduce a Performance Management Scheme that will be divisive and judge staff collectively when there is not a level playing field at UEL. (more…)

An opportunity to have better industrial relations at UEL….

Now is the time to put the grim 2012 behind us and to consider 2013 as a year of new opportunities. Recent departures from VCG group offer the possibility of a change of direction by management that returns better industrial relations to UEL in general and halts the creeping culture of fear that many staff are voicing concerns about. (more…)

To vote you need a contact email – Please check your contact email is correct

To vote in the ballot you need to ensure that UCU has the correct contact email for you. The easiest way to check this is to log onto the national UCU website site at – this allows you to check your details and update them as necessary.  (more…)

Important News

Welcome to the new semester and apologies for the delay in communicating with you. To make up for this please find attached our latest newsletter full of important news and giving dates of meetings for the rest of the year including the AGM.  As you will see from the newsletter you will shortly receive, by email, details of the workload model that has resulted from the lengthy discussions with management.  This will be sent to you by UCU National and you will have an opportunity to accept or reject the model also by email(more…)