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JOINT UNIONS at UEL invite you to a meeting to discuss the proposed Performance Review Scheme

  •  Wednesday 20th February (Docklands Room EB.G.06 1.30-2.30)
  • Tuesday 26th February (Stratford Room RB.1.03 1-2pm).

One positive thing from the recent Staff Survey was the, on the whole, continued support for the Staff Development Review (SDR) process at UEL. The Survey also highlights the good working relationships between colleagues.   Leaving aside the continued absence of any response from management to the serious issues raised by staff in this survey it is perverse then that management have decided to introduce a Performance Management Scheme that will be divisive and judge staff collectively when there is not a level playing field at UEL.

 The  unions are still in ‘negotiation’ with management about their proposals but Officers have made their views clear about what on the table i.e., we are opposed to what we consider to be an inappropriate and crude scheme and wish performance management to remain but one element of the current SDR. It is crucial for staff at UEL that any scheme is about staff development not outdated and punitive performance management.

 Come and hear the proposals and discuss joint union strategy to oppose any imposition of this ill-considered policy.

 All staff welcome:

 Wednesday 20th February (Docklands Room EB.G.06 1.30-2.30)


 Tuesday 26th February (Stratford Room RB.1.03 1-2pm).

 Creating a culture of fear and bullying is a counterproductive strategy in these difficult times.

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