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Strike 30th November National action to defend our Pensions

 Pensions under AttackThe 30 November national strike is almost upon us. This is the day when we show the strength of union resolve in defence of pensions.

 At Stratford and Docklands there will be joint union all-staff meetings about the strike: Thursday 24 November 1-2pm in EB.3.16 (Docklands) and CC1.18 in Stratford

At this meeting you will hear more about why it is important to take action on 30 November. You will be able to sign up for picket duties and find out what this involves.

 UCU asks every member to come to the Picket Line on the 30th. Please support your union. We will be there with significant numbers of colleagues from all the other unions at UEL. At Docklands the Joint Unions will be operating three pickets from 7am to 7pm; we will also be picketing at Stratford and Duncan House. 

 Please volunteer for a two-hour slot at any point during the day on the 30th and select sites other than Docklands if this is easier for you. We realise that most schools will be closed and suggest that, where appropriate, members bring their children to the picket line with toys, scooters, bikes etc. (depending on numbers we will organise something for the kids). Bring something to make a noise, so that we can remind VCG of our presence because they seem to be forgetting their staff. 

 Please come to the meeting on Thursday 24 to join the discussion and to sign up for the picket. You can also let Jacqui Mitchell (  know by email what time you will be able to come to the picket line on the 30th  if unable to attend the meeting.  We would like to see all members on the picket line for this most important show of strength and unity The Joint Unions will provide more guidance for all staff next week but the main piece of advice is to check the weather forecast and dress to be warm and dry. 

  For and on behalf of UCU

 Jacqui Mitchell                  Secretary UCU (Docklands) Branch

Rae Beaver                          Chair of UCU Coordinating Committee

Peter Mottershead          Secretary of UCU Coordinating Committee

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